Join the foremost experts in the wireless medical device industry to discuss  the biggest issues facing medical device manufacturers for two full days of leading-edge discussions focused on all of your most pressing challenges in wireless connectivity, development, and design – there is no other conference built for immediate applicability, no matter your role!

What’s NEW this year?

  • A new focus on BYOD, change management and mobile apps
  • Four panel discussions throughout the program
  • An exclusive “other industry” insight from the military
  • The conference program will feature participation from the top twenty medical device manufacturers involved in the early-stage design of wireless products
  • In addition it will appeal to smaller startup companies at the forefront on design innovation

Benefits of Attending:

  • Learn first-hand from the movers and shakers of wireless medical device innovation so that you can stay on top of the latest trends and opportunities for growth
  • Gain insight into the ever-changing, complex regulations set to impact the sector over the next few years, so that you ensure current and future compliance and guarantee that your future product designs adhere to regulatory requirements
  • Capitalize on exclusive networking opportunities with the leading engineers, designers, and chief decision makers from the leading wireless medical device manufacturers in this dynamic space
  • Meet the most innovative and dynamic suppliers in order to strengthen your products and ensure that you are the first to know about leading-edge technologies
  • Engage in lively discussions with fellow attendees and participate in industry debates concerning critical topics
  • Take advantage of this once-a-year chance to network and foster new business opportunities with your peers



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