MEMS in Medical Devices – November 27, 2012

Maximize your time spent at Wireless Connectivity in Medical Devices EAST by complementing the essential wireless medical device engineering program with an inspirational look into the next stage of medical device development – MEMS technology.

Medical device manufacturers and the healthcare community as a whole are collectively striving toward making personalized medicine and connected healthcare a reality. In order to achieve that goal, the medical device industry has taken brave steps into the world of electronics to successfully make medical devices wirelessly connected and less intrusive on the daily lives of patients.

Although MEMS application in medical devices is still novel in practice, there is great potential for micro sensors and processors to expand the capabilities of medical devices hereafter and improve the lives of patients for years to come. Recognizing this, MD+DI Conferences brings you a one-of-a-kind learning opportunity that will showcase practical applications of the latest technical innovations and equip you with effective strategies for establishing a foothold in the growing area of micro-driven medical device technology.

Attend the MEMS in Medical Devices one day conference on November 27th to discover the capabilities of micro-electro-mechanical systems and the potential opportunities for integration into your medical device products.

Discover how MEMS can:

  • Perform new functions and enhance the versatility of your medical device
  • Require less energy and space compared to conventional counterparts
  • Even be a cost-effective alternative to macro-sized components in some cases!
  • Be feasible through multiple real-world examples of MEMS-powered wearable, ingestible and implantable devices
Take away practical strategies for:

  • Achieving FDA compliance and speed-to-market successfully
  • Identifying requirements for MEMS functionality based on medical device needs
  • Tackling challenges in ASIC packaging during the device integration process
  • Ensuring MEMS durability and reliability in all environments – from foundry to end-user

See the full agenda here!

Also, don’t miss your chance to network face-to-face with industry front-runners and micro-technology innovators as they share real-world case studies of MEMS utilized in medical applications.

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